Charity Information

An integral part of the Welcome Club is supporting a charity. Each year in June our membership selects a new charity from a choice of three. The club comes together to raise money and donate needed items for that cause. It also gives us a chance to learn more about organizations in our community. The most recent charities we have supported were Olivet Neighborhood Mission and Cedar Rapids Gives – End Human Trafficking in this area. Our current charity is Foundation 2 Youth Shelter.

Bake Sale Table

We have a fun time with our many fundraisers. At each monthly luncheon we have a drawing to raise money for the charity. Our Christmas luncheon features a bake and craft sale giving our members a chance to enjoy yummy treats or perhaps buy a beautiful hand-made craft. Once a year a member also hosts a Bunco fundraiser and husbands/friends are welcome to attend. This year our members will learn how they can support the organization Foundation 2 Youth Shelter by providing financial support and donations such as school supplies, individually packaged snacks, grooming supplies, sanitary products and items that can help one who turns 18 set up a starter apartment.

2015 - 2016 Foundation 2 Youth Shelter

Foundation 2 Youth Shelter is an emergency shelter for youth, between the ages of 11-17, who are experiencing a personal or family crisis, which makes it necessary to temporarily live away from home. Referrals are accepted from parents/guardians, law enforcement officials, social workers, and other human service professionals. It offers temporary shelter and support services to both system youth and youth who are not in the judicial system - a safe alternative to the dangers of living on the street.

2015 - 2016 Charity - Cedar Rapids Gives - End Human Trafficking in this area.

This organization is working to end human trafficking in this area through the following ways. 1) Rescue: They work with people and professionals that can help with legal or governmental requirements. Monetary donations are important as they help to finance rescues and provide necessary items after a rescure. 2) Restoration: They give a voice to the voiceless by working together with and to support those that do the compassionate and difficult work. 3) Prevention: Educating the community and school groups.

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